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Occupy Movement in Canada?

Posted by MonkeyMan on November 15, 2011 in Blog Post |
I know people might not like this, but I’m getting a little tired of it. CTV Headline today reads:

Occupy T.O. considers options while facing eviction.

Well you know what. Here are some options to pick from:
Option 1: Go home.
Option 2: Get a job.
Option 3: Volunteer.
Option 4: Appreciate what we have.
Option 5: Stop comparing Libya, Egypt and the U.S. to Canada.
Option 6: If you don’t like the banks or profits – stop using credit cards and spending money you don’t have.
Option 7: If you don’t like the way our Country is run, vote, run for office, leave, or shut up.
Freedom of speech and assembly does not mean setting up a disgusting squatter camp in OUR parks. Are you too lazy to get up every morning to go to the park and say what you feel, then go home?

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