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Secure but easy passwords!

Posted by MonkeyMan on August 8, 2013 in Blog Post |

It’s true, you CAN have a different strong password for every site or application you use that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to forget!

Hard to believe? Here is the trick:

1. Pick a base word but drop the first three letters of the word so that it is no longer a dictionary word. Make sure it is a word that you won’t forget. As an example let’s use the word Kangaroo. So the base word becomes garoo.

2. For each site you are using the password for – take the site name or url and drop the 1st letter and use the next 3 letters ONLY – ex: Facebook.com would become Ace.

3. Combine the edited site name Ace with your edited Base Word garoo = Acegaroo and add _01 (underscore zero one)

4. Your password for Facebook is Acegaroo_01

This password is strong – length is good, uses Caps and Small Case letters, a special symbol (underscore) and numbers: 01

So your password for Twitter would be: Witgaroo_01

Your password for LinkedIn would be Inkgaroo_01

Your password for Tumblr would be Umbgaroo_01

The beauty of having different passwords is that if someone compromises one, the rest are not automatically compromised.

The numbers on the end can increment for passwords that require a periodic change. You can align the number to the month for example so if you change your password for an application called Inventory for example in August, your new password would be Nvegaroo_08

So do your part and stop writing down passwords or struggling to reset them.


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